Altair Tres Grand Cream

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Altair Tres Grand Cream

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$ 3,900

Wide 103 " | Side 63 "

Overall Width

Right/Left Side

You Have Selected: Cream

Color: Cream


You Have Selected: Espresso

Color: Espresso

You picked an option:
Fabric: Cream
Cushion: No
Leg: Espresso

Handcrafted in 4 Weeks

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Overall- Strong, spacious and luxurious

Comfort- Medium Comfort Level

Height- Standard Seating Height

Experience the comfort and luxury of Altair Sofa. This four-seater sofa is perfect for your family and has a spacious design. It is a classic sofa that gives an exceptional experience and is a perfect piece to enlighten your home.

This Altair Sofa is made with durable material last longer. It is tough, flexible and easy to clean.  It is one of the finest pieces to add to your living room.



You can always be sure of our safe shipping. We take care of the packing and shipping of your sofa and have the best method for shipping your sofa long distances or internationally.


Take a look at your space and see which size of sofa fits perfectly and has the right size.

Return & Exchange

If the sofa is defective or damaged, you can easily return it within 14 days of your purchase, provided that the sofa is in the same condition as you have received it. Even if you change your mind, the sofa has to be fully returned within 30 days.


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Dimensions - Size: Width 103 to 136 || Chaise Width 40 || Chaise Length 84

Material - Leather

Color -Cream

Brand - Solace Barn

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Altair Tres Grand Cream (Sectionals)

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I fell with Solace Barn, every sofa becomes a centerpiece, blending seamlessly into your home's decor. I am really happy with the product

" Thomas "

The timeless elegance of Solace Barn sofas effortlessly enhances any living space.


Immerse yourself in luxury with Solace Barn sofas – the epitome of refined living

" Isaac Elias "

Elevate your living room with the sophisticated allure of Solace Barn's impeccably crafted sofas.

"Maverick Dylan"

Solace Barn's commitment to creating sofas that stand the test of time ensures lasting satisfaction.Really awesome

"Matthew "

Enjoy the luxury of Solace Barn's sofas – where comfort and style converge seamlessly.Must buy

"Wyatt "

Solace Barn sofas are more than just furniture; they are a lifestyle upgrade for the discerning homeowner. satisfied

"Grayson "

Unleash the full potential of your living space with the transformative design of Solace Barn sofas. I am happy

"Gabriel "

The enduring appeal of Solace Barn sofas lies in their ability to combine practicality with elegance.

" Julian "

Solace Barn sofas seamlessly integrate into various design schemes, making them a versatile choice I have made.


A perfect blend of style and comfort.

"Logan "

Solace Barn's commitment to innovation is evident in the thoughtful features incorporated into their sofas.

"Jacob "

Solace Barn sofas redefine the concept of home comfort with their sumptuous cushions and ergonomic design.

"David "

Revel in the luxury of Solace Barn's leather sofas – a true testament to their dedication to quality.

" Joseph "

Solace Barn's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the unparalleled comfort of their sofas. I am happy with customer service


Imbued with elegance, Solace Barn sofas make a statement in any room they grace.

"Luca "

Solace Barn sofas are not just furniture; they are a reflection of your impeccable taste. I AM HAPPY

" Hudson "

Elevate your space with the premium quality and timeless design cant say anything much


Solace Barn's modular designs make it easy to adapt their sofas to your evolving lifestyle in your house.

"Ezra "

Solace Barn sofas offer a perfect balance of aesthetics and comfort, creating an inviting atmosphere.

" Mason "

Dive into luxury with Solace Barn's collection of sofas that redefine the art of lounging.


Solace Barn sofas are a symphony of comfort and sophistication – a true delight for homeowners.

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