Spica Grand Brown

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Spica Grand Brown

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$ 1,800

Width 41 " | Seating Depth 40 " Standard



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Color: Brown


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Overall- Durable, Luxurious and Easy To Maintain

Comfort- Extremely Cosy And Comfortable

Height- Feel Most Comfortable In Standard Seat Height

Spica Grand Tan is sturdy and adds elegance to your living room. It is a durable sofa that will last for a lifetime. This high-quality sofa with a luxurious finishwill age beautifully and has aconsistent surface appearance.

It is the perfect mixture of comfort, versatility and elegance. Along with givinga warm feeling,it is very smooth to touch and is super easy to maintain. It is a genuine leather sofa set that will stand out in your living room while adding sophistication to it.



You can always be sure of our safe shipping. We take care of the packing a and shipping of your sofa and have the best method for shipping your sofa long distances or internationally.


Take a look at your space and see which size of sofa fit perfectly and has the right size.

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If the sofa is defective or damaged.  You can easily return it within 14 days of your purchase. Return will only be taken if the sofa is in the same condition as you have received it.


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Dimensions -98x39

Material - Leather

Color - Brown

Brand - Solace Barn

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Spica Grand Brown (Sofas)

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I recently purchased the Spica Grand Brown Sofa and I am very pleased with it. It is comfortable and looks great in my living room. The color is a nice warm brown that goes well with my other furniture. Highly recommend this sofa.

"Raymond Bradley"

"Comfort and style come together in this tan sofa from Solace Barn. The color is so elegant, and the sofa is a joy to relax on."

"Fernando "

"This tan sofa has transformed my living space. The color is versatile, and the design is both modern and timeless. Solace Barn has hit the mark."

"Chance F"

"I'm in love with the tan color of this sofa. It's the perfect neutral shade, and the quality from Solace Barn is outstanding."

" Eduardo "

The tan sofa from Solace Barn is a true beauty. The color is warm and inviting, and it adds a touch of sophistication to my living room."


"The tan hue of this sofa is perfect. It's not too light, not too dark—just the right shade. Solace Barn has delivered a quality product."

" Spencer "

"I couldn't be happier with my tan sofa from Solace Barn. The color is neutral enough to go with anything, and the comfort level is fantastic."


"Sleek and stylish, this tan sofa from Solace Barn has transformed my living room. The color is timeless, and the quality is top-notch."

"Casey "

Absolutely in love with my Solace Barn tan sofa! The color is versatile, and the quality is outstanding. It's a perfect addition to my home."

" Warren "

"The tan color of this sofa is a winner. It adds warmth to my space, and the sofa itself is incredibly comfortable. Solace Barn hit the mark."

" Daxton"

"This tan sofa from Solace Barn is a game-changer. The color is soothing, and the design is modern. It's exactly what I was looking for."


"I was hesitant about tan, but Solace Barn proved me wrong. This sofa's color is rich, and the quality is exceptional."

"Ezequiel "

"Comfort and style collide in this tan sofa. The fabric is soft, and the color is a beautiful neutral that enhances the overall aesthetic."

" Orio"

"The tan hue of this Solace Barn sofa is simply perfect. It's a versatile color that complements various decor styles."


"Thrilled with my Solace Barn tan sofa! The color is warm and inviting, adding a touch of coziness to my living room."

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