Canopus With Ottoman Tres Grand Brown

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Canopus With Ottoman Tres Grand Brown

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$ 4,700

Over All Width 150 " | Chaise Width 63 " Chaise Length 63 "

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Color: Brown


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Fabric: Brown
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Overall- Strong, spacious and luxurious

Comfort- Medium Comfort Level

Height- Standard Seating Height

Experience the comfort and luxury of Sirius Choco Sofa. This four-seater sofa is perfect for your family and has a spacious design. It is a classic sofa that gives an exceptional experience and is a perfect piece to enlighten your home.

This Sirius Choco Sofa is made with durable material last longer. It is tough, flexible and easy to clean.  It is one of the finest pieces to add to your living room.



You can always be sure of our safe shipping. We take care of the packing and shipping of your sofa and have the best method for shipping your sofa long distances or internationally.


Take a look at your space and see which size of sofa fits perfectly and has the right size.

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If the sofa is defective or damaged.  You can easily return it within  14 days of your purchase. Return will only be taken if the sofa is in the same condition as you have received it.


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Canopus With Ottoman Tres Grand Brown (U-Shaped)

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"Ellie "

The Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa from Solace Barn is a warm and inviting addition to our living room. The rich brown color adds a cozy touch, and the comfort level is unmatched.

"Aubrey "

If you're a fan of classic elegance, the Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa is the perfect choice. The timeless design and deep brown hue make it a standout piece in any home.

"Addison "

Sink into luxury with this sofa! The Ottoman Tres Grand Brown provides the ultimate in cozy comfort. The plush cushions and soft brown fabric create a haven of relaxation.

"Lillian "

The simplicity of the Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa is its greatest strength. It brings sophistication to our living space without being overly ornate. It's a perfect balance of style

"Hannah "

Solace Barn's commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in the Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa. From the sturdy frame to the carefully stitched upholstery, every detail reflects excellence.

"Eleanor "

This brown sofa seamlessly blends with various decor styles. Whether your home is modern or classic, the Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa adds a touch of versatility and beauty.

"Lily "

We've had our Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa for a while now, and it still looks as stylish and durable as the day we bought it. The brown color is resilient, and the sofa stands up to daily use with grace.

"Nora "

Chic meets comfort with this sofa. The Ottoman Tres Grand Brown not only looks inviting, but it also beckons you to relax and unwind after a long day. It's the epitome of stylish comfort.

"Zoey "

The shade of brown on this sofa is perfect—neither too dark nor too light. It complements our decor beautifully, and the Ottoman Tres Grand Brown has become the focal point of our living room.

"Riley "

The Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa is a marriage of durability and luxury. The high-quality materials used ensure longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking both style and durability

"Layla "

As a family with young children, we appreciate the family-friendly design of the Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa. It's stylish yet practical, and the brown color hides stains effortlessly.


Bring a touch of opulence to your living room with this brown beauty. The Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa is a statement piece that exudes richness and elegance.

" Chloe "

For those who appreciate contemporary design, this sofa is a winner. The Ottoman Tres Grand Brown effortlessly combines modern aesthetics with the comfort of a classic brown sofa.

" Grace"

Redefine elegance in your home with the Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa. The deep brown color and refined design make it a sophisticated choice for those with a taste for the finer things.


The Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa offers tailored sophistication. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's a style statement that elevates the entire room.

"Madison "

We give the Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa a five-star rating for its luxurious feel and impeccable design. It's a piece of furniture that surpasses expectations.

" Victoria "

Embrace earth-toned elegance with this brown sofa. The Ottoman Tres Grand Brown brings a natural warmth to our home, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


The sleek lines and stylish appeal of the Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa make it a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of modernity to their living space.

"Aria "

The Ottoman Tres Grand Brown sofa has timeless appeal. Its classic design ensures that it remains a stylish and relevant piece of furniture for years to come.

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